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What To Expect

Our goal at Coldbrook Chiropractic is to make you feel at home and eliminate as many unknowns as we can! Your comfort level is our #1 priority. Here is what you can expect!

1. Booking an Appointment/Questions

  • When you are ready to book your first appointment with us or have any questions, please contact us using your method of choice: Contact Form  |  Email  Phone/Text 

  • Once your appointment is booked, you will receive a "Welcome Email" with attached intake forms. Please fill those out to the best of your ability. If, for any reason, you are unable to complete them before your scheduled appointment time, please arrive at the office 15mins early to complete them here. 

2. First Visit - Consultation/Assessment 

The day has arrived! Our friendly team will be ready to welcome you when you arrive. The purpose of this first visit is to gather information & provide knowledge on chiropractic/our approach as it applies to your particular needs and address any questions/concerns you may have. Each assessment is individualized so may vary slightly. Please allow 45-60mins for your first visit.

  • You will first meet with your chiropractor for your consultation, where we will share with you what we do/why and you will have a chance to ask any questions you may have as well.

  • From there, if you would like to proceed to the assessment, our Chiropractic Assistant will join you and take you thru the assessment portion of your visit, which is a series of fun "tests" that measure neurological function (balance, coordination & proprioception). Your posture will also be assessed via our PostureScreen software. 

  • The chiropractor will then rejoin you and finish up with their functional assessment (spinal movement, spinal palpation, muscle testing, posture analysis) and finally an adjustment will be offered. (ONLY if you would like one, will one be given)

  • Once completed you will be guided to the front desk to make a follow-up appointment to go over the results of your assessment and settle up any account balance.

  • The cost for this first visit is $100 and includes your assessment & adjustment. If you would like us to direct bill your private insurance, please bring your insurance card with you.

3. Second Visit - "Report of Findings"

Scheduled shortly after your first, your second visit is our Report of Findings. If you have a support person you would like to bring, they are more than welcome to accompany you

  • Your chiropractor will go over all your assessment results, explain what they mean, and review recommendations for care. You will have a chance to ask questions and discuss options and goals at this time as well. 

  • If you choose to move forward with care, you will end your visit with an adjustment.

  • The only cost associated with this visit is for the adjustment ($50). If you do not receive an adjustment there is no charge for this visit.


4. Subsequent Adjustment Visits 

Once the first 2 visits are complete, your regular adjustment visits will be much quicker. It will always depend on the nature of the visit, the modalities used and your individual needs, but please allow 15 minutes. 

  • Come in and have a seat, when we are ready for you, staff will direct you down to room "1" or "2" - numbers are posted outside each room.

  • Lie face up on the adjusting table if possible (if it is more comfortable to sit, please do so), if you have glasses/keys/cell phone, you can place them in the grey baskets located in each room.

  • Discuss with the chiropractor your progress/any issues/concerns and have your adjustment.

  • Stop at front desk to pay & book your next visit.

  • The cost for each adjustment visit is $50. If you would like us to direct bill your private insurance, please bring your insurance card with you, if not already done at first 2 visits.

...we can't wait to meet you!

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